BOSFOR was built to cruise on international waters according to the conformation of Türk Loydu, which is the corporation for the certification and conformity of the international classification.

All our ships units are controlled centrally with fire, gas sensors and CCTV. In case of a malfunction, visual and audible alarm systems are activated. All our sections, including guest halls, kitchens, engine rooms, are equipped with sprinkler systems.

Our Ship contains 31 life buoys, 632 adult life jackets, 32 child life jackets and 65 passenger capacity 10 life rafts.

Our ship is equipped with the latest technology for secure cruising. The bridge is equipped with gyroscopic and magnetic compass, two radars that can scan from 48 to 72 sea miles, global positioning system, ultrasonic depth sensor and echo sounder which can scan the distance of the sea object to the surface, 2 high frequency radio, satellite navigation system, sea chart reading systems. 

The ship is equipped with 2 simultaneous and sharing principal unlimited power generators and 1 emergency power generator.

In the surface of our ship, there are liquid intake sensors that automatically reports audibly and visually to the central control system and automatically starts the bilge motors. 

The ships helm can be operated manually or electronically, our electronic helm system can work continuously with the help of our battery backup systems during emergency outage of power. The ship is equipped with bow thrusters on the stem side, installed vertically to the keel that is used to enhance the starboard/port maneuver capability.

All our passengers are covered with the mandatory sea transport insurance policy.